3 Strategies to Remove Clutter and Improved Home Care for the Aging Loved One In Your Life

Thu, Feb 4 2016 | Uncategorized

It’s a good idea to start the new year off right by focusing on how to improve safety for an elderly family member. A loved one who is living at home alone, receiving the proper level of care can come in the form of family, friends, or a home care aide.

A home care aide is the best option, regardless of one’s physical capabilities or health issues. That’s because most home care aides who work for an agency have a great deal of experience. Experience can do wonders for the senior, helping to encourage them to pursue various activities, stay active, and see the benefits and positives that remain in life, regardless of what they’re facing with their health.

When you’re talking about safety, though, clutter can be a major concern. While most people have a tendency to wait until spring to do a thorough cleaning of the house, starting the new year off right and removing clutter can help improve the quality of care for any senior living at home. Here are three strategies that you might be able to use to help remove clutter and help the elderly loved one in your life be safer and more comfortable within their own environment.

Strategy #1: Move miscellaneous items to one room.
It could be a living room, a spare bedroom, or somewhere else, but by moving most of these extra items into one place, it becomes easier to see just how much clutter exists throughout the house. It could be extra furniture items that congest the hallway, boxes of trinkets, mementos, tokens, birthday and holiday cards from the past 50 years, or anything else.

By moving these items into one place it will make it easier for the senior to recognize just how much clutter they have throughout the house.

Strategy #2: Set a rule.
By setting a rule with the senior, such as two years, any items that he hasn’t looked at or used in that length of time need to go. Even if they are mementos, they aren’t worth anything if they’re not being enjoyed. Somebody else will be able to enjoy them, including other family members.

Strategy #3: Plan a tag sale.
With spring just around the corner, it’s a good time to begin planning for a tag sale. This is when you begin researching the various items for sale, determine their true value, and set a price. When it comes time to set up a tag sale, the senior will have everything ready.

By removing clutter, it creates a safer environment that can improve the quality of care for any senior at home.

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