AHC Volunteers for U.S. Postal Office Letter Carriers Food Drive

Tue, Dec 8 2015 | Uncategorized

For most Albuquerque citizens, filling up a paper bag full of can goods and packaged dry food for the U.S. Postal Office Letter Carriers Food Drive is not back-breaking work. Just set it out by the mail box, and their good duty is done. But then what happens after that? Well, there are 20 AHC Members and Rotarians who volunteered to help the letter carriers finish the job.  The job seemed simple enough. Canned food went into one big box, packaged dry food in another, and glass containers — well, there was a place for them, too. And then there were all those paper bags for recycling.  “It is two hours of non-stop work, but it goes by fast and it is a nice way to help the community,” said Scott Honsowetz, owner of AHC.